Mane-ly Long Hair For Dogs – shampoo, conditioner & detangler

Mane-ly Long Hair For Dogs – shampoo, conditioner & detangler


Mane-ly Long Hair hydrates, repairs, and keeps hair healthier… longer, stronger, softer, healthier hair, that does not break – and tangle free too!

Prevents matts and stops seeds and burrs sticking! A light weight hair treatment & hydrator for all hair types.  Great for dull, damaged, stained, dry or tangled hair. The product quality optimises the health of the coat, making it softer, silkier, less porous, less brittle and less prone to staining. There are 3 ‘bottled’ products that can be used alone or together for the maximum results.

Restore shampoo – dissolves out stains by maximum hydration. Achieves a true white too (it’s also for dark coloured doggies – no bleach or blue or harmful whiteners here!)

Conditioner  – hydrates hair and deep conditions. Can be used to mix up Hydrate24 with our mixing bottle, for coat maintenance.

Detangler – the best non-sticky, quick acting & long lasting detangler you will ever use!

Great for sensitive skin too! Mane-ly is the perfect treatment that hydrates, repairs, restores, cleans & detangles. The formula is very gentle and effective. Great for full body, leaves a super shine! No build up no dyes and it does not weigh the hair down. Leaves the hair soft and silky with no residue. For Horses, Dogs, People too! Patch test kits are available here – read below for more info and how to use the Mane-ly system!



GENTLE YET DEEP CLEANING: RESTORE, CLEANSE & SHINE… Cleanse and restores the hair with Panthenol B 5….Makes the hair clean, manageable, hydrates, adds loads of body and enhances with a glossy shine! Achieve a true white and healthier hair!

THE BEST SHAMPOO HANDS DOWN! Mane-ly is a true whitening shampoo, it doesn’t just try to mask the stains, it actually cleans by hydration and actually dissolves out stains.

Concentrated formula, for all hair and colour types. For Horses, Dogs, People too! We waited years and years for this great formula, please try it on yourself too!

For all hair types and colour. The nice thing about this its gentle but yet deep cleaning! Helps to make discoloured hair whiter and brighter, replacing the need for a whitening only shampoo! No bleaching, No Bluing, No Silver. Lifts out stains, especially yellow and urine combined with our system: (Hydrate 24, & Polisher)

Will not dry or damage hair.

Gentle, deep cleansing, foaming, all hair types!!!!

– EXCEPTIONAL INGREDIENTS : Ginger Root extract, Jojoba Seed extract, Rosemary Leaf and Algae Extracts to name a few! Pearl colour, gentle scent, great consistency and can be diluted in a bucket for larger animals

– Great for full body washing

– Great for spot cleaning, removes mud, grass and natural stains with a small amount on a wet sponge…..

– May be diluted or used as concentrate for deeper cleansing.




An exceptional concentrated formula, no residue, not weighty, not waxy

Use after shampooing with Restore shampoo, also used to make Hydrate 24 dry groom (use both our bottles to mix, the mix bottle and hydrasol, directions are on both!) and also used in our shock treatment!

Use on full body – 3 in 1!

For dull, damaged, stained, flakey, dry or tangled hair. A perfect treatment that Hydrates, Repairs, Detangles, and Restores. Leaves the hair soft & silky, repaired and hydrated. It is a concentrated formula, so a little goes a long ways. The formula is very gentle and effective. Also great for full body application before shampooing and after. It leaves a super shine! No build up no dyes and it doesn’t weigh the hair down.

A perfect treatment to maintain healthy hair, for a longer, silkier, smoother, mane & tail, forelock and feathers and full body.

An outstanding concentrated formula consisting of natural extracts; Aloe Vera Gel, Nettle, Sage, Chamomile to name a few.

How to use after Washing with Restore Shampoo (they work together)

– Use on wet clean hair AFTER rinsing out the Restore Shampoo, it finishes the cleanse process in addition to hydrating and repairing. Rinse out.

– Use before washing or more sensitive horse, or stains…then restore shampoo, then conditioner again. Maintain with Hydrate 24 daily.

– Apply polisher after to seal in and detangle and protect, manes, tails, forelocks and feathers.


– Use the Conditioner to mix Hydrate 24 leave in conditioner: (Directions to mix is on the Mix and Hydrasol bottles, you can’t make Hydrate 24 up effectively without the bottles)

It is a leave in hydrating treatment for ears, legs and a full coat conditioner. With our dry groom waterless cleanse and brush system it will add shine, protection, AND extra conditioning, prevent hair from being porous, and therefore less staining. Hydrate 24 dissolves dirt and yellow (more noticeable in lighter hair) through hydration when used as maintenance and keeps the dog cleaner with protection from stains and dirt!! It will assist in lifting dirt and stains too! (Please see Hydrate 24 and Shock links below)

Please purchase the Hydrate 24 Bottle pack for the correct mixture. The mix directions and proportions are on the bottle, for a reason. Not all bottles will accommodate the thick mix through the quiet sprayer, our bottle and sprayer has been tested and it works! It is also labelled properly for safety reasons and instructions to mix are on both bottles. Mixing Hydrate24 saves you ££££, by mixing your own! Long term great value!

– Use to mix the SHOCK treatment too! (See SHOCK page)

– contains aloe vera and chamomile



Not just a De-tangler, but a Polisher and Protector too, all in one product! The perfect key to unlock tangles, and prevent them from returning! The perfect compliment to the Mane-ly Long Hair Conditioner, and Shampoo.

Mane-ly Long Hair Polisher protects, de-tangles, de-frizzes, de-matts, polishes and adds shine to coats. The polisher works by removing tangles, knots, mats, and burrs, while relaxing dreadlocks, keeping hair clean and tangle free. Fast acting and long lasting – a single application lasts over 1 week!

Use as regular maintenance, a few times a week to prevent tangles, matts and burrs from adhering. It soaks in leaving the hair silky smooth adding shine and vitality to the hair. An incredibly effective mane and tail de-tangler.


No residue,
Long lasting formula 5-12 days
Makes brushing easy & reduces grooming time
Repels dust & dirt without leaving oily residue
Strengthens hair while preventing breakage & dryness = longer hair

Mane-ly Long Hair Polisher is formulated with Keratin Amino Acids, Panthenol, layered watered and non-water soluble silicones and contains no alcohol, so it won’t dry out hair. It protects hair from harsh weather conditions and smells great too!

DE-TANGLE, DE-FRIZZ, DE-MATT, SHINE & MAINTAIN. This says it all and more! An amazing product that will gently remove Tornado tangles, Knots, mats and burrs, in minutes NOT hours! PREVENTS them from coming back, when used as regular maintenance! Never have a tangle again!! Relaxes dreadlocks, and allows brushing regularly which cleans the hair and keeps it tangle free longer.

For a Longer, Silkier, Smoother, Mane, Tail, Forelock and Feathers!

It will stop your favourite mane & tail de-tangler in it’s tracks!

Add Hydrate 24 under it for extra hydration. FYI, does not freeze in cold temperatures, so use it all year round to protect and polish for healthier hair!

For horses, dogs and people too

NO RESIDUE, non oily… soaks in and IT WORKS!


One of our best reviews to date, that we really feel is worth sharing on our website 

Hi Emma,

Sorry for the email at ridiculous o’clock on a Sunday morning. I just had the compulsion to thank you, and let you know how much I love the MLH polisher that you kindly supplied.

I bought this for my bearded collie, Hector, on recommendation and I could not be more impressed and pleased!!!

Certainly it does ‘what it says on the tin’ and effortlessly smooths out snags and matts, leaving a shiny and conditioned coat. But, I cannot stress enough, what an utter pleasure it is to use… although Hector is quite used to and doesn’t mind his frequent grooming, with this polisher it was like he was having a spa treatment! Zzzzzzzzz

Small but thick matts (that would usually take 20 minutes with careful combing and slicker and copious amounts of grooming spray) came out with my fingers!!! It’s is such a dream to use… I feel like I basically massaged my beloved doggo to a matt-free coat 

Hector and I have placed an order for the shampoo and conditioner (at his insistence) and can’t wait to try it.

Sorry for gushing; I’m just so pleased.

You can absolutely use my email in any way you wish. I’m not usually one for raving about products but I just feel this made Hector so relaxed and happy… and who doesn’t love doing something to make that happen?

Many many thanks and waggy tails,

Margrit and H x

See more information and videos of the Mane-ly Long Hair products directly from the lady behind the brand!
The Polisher (de-tangler) works amazingly well alone, but is even better when used in conjunction with the Mane-ly Long Hair Restore Shampoo and Conditioner & Hydrator

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