Manufacturing broom handles


See manufacturing broom handles here! This is the powder coating of our aluminium broom handles.

Our broom handles are ultra light aluminum , with thicker walls so they are much stronger than previous versions we have sold. This is the first stage of manufacture – powder is spray applied to the elecrtostatically charged metal.

The handles are then baked at 200 degrees centigrade to harden the powder and produce a very durable finish.

Lots of brooms in stock now – see this link


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Mane-ly Long Hair for dog grooming

Mane-ly Long Hair is amazing for dogs too! (& people too come to that) – remember it is not just for horses!
Longer, stronger, silkier hair –  a true white, and tangle free. Performance cannot be beaten, and it smells wonderful.
See our dog branded bottles & read more here …
Mane-ly Long Hair products are amazing for horses, dogs & humans too!
This is such a lovely email we received the other day we wanted to share it
Hi Emma,
Sorry for the email at ridiculous o’clock on a Sunday morning. I just had the compulsion to thank you, and let you know how much I love the MLH polisher that you kindly supplied.
I bought this for my bearded collie, Hector, on recommendation and I could not be more impressed and pleased!!!
Certainly it does ‘what it says on the tin’ and effortlessly smooths out snags and matts, leaving a shiny and conditioned coat. But, I cannot stress enough, what an utter pleasure it is to use… although Hector is quite used to and doesn’t mind his frequent grooming, with this polisher it was like he was having a spa treatment! Zzzzzzzzz
Small but thick matts (that would usually take 20 minutes with careful combing and slicker and copious amounts of grooming spray) came out with my fingers!!! It’s is such a dream to use… I feel like I basically massaged my beloved doggo to a matt-free coat
Hector and I have placed an order for the shampoo and conditioner (at his insistence) and can’t wait to try it.
Sorry for gushing; I’m just so pleased.
(You can absolutely use my email in any way you wish. I’m not usually one for raving about products but I just feel this made Hector so relaxed and happy… and who doesn’t love doing something to make that happen?)
Many many thanks and waggy tails,
Margrit and H x

Our fabulous Swedish Fork!

Now whilst our Swedish Fork doesn’t come with a bed like this, it helps you keep a lovely one!

In record time too, with minimal bending, and it takes very little effort to lift the poo – thanks to the long ergonomic handle. The tines are flexible and very strong, and perfectly spaced to let bedding fall through but keep poo in! See more and order securely online on our website


Mane-ly Long Hair from the Trophy Line!

We discovered the brilliant Mane-ly Long Hair products a few years ago and were lucky enough to become the UK importers!

For longer, stronger, softer, healthier, shinier & silkier hair then look no further!

Mane-ly hydrates the hair, improving the condition and literally dissolving out stains

ARE YOU IN THE USA? BUY directly from the manufacturers at


  • Tangle Free Hair!
  • -Easy to Use !

  • -Repairs Dry Damaged Hair!

  • -No Residue –  Non Oily-

  • -Longer Lasting Formula!

  • -No Washing Needed!

  • -It Works!  ~  Cruelty Free 

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