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Welcome to Herbie's Yard Supplies

Everything for your yard to save you time & effort looking after your horses!

Would you like longer, softer, silkier tangle free hair that is easy to maintain and smells gorgeous?! (that applies to you too, it’s not just for horses!)…  Have a look at the 3 bottles of Mane-ly Long Hair products HERE

Mane-ly Long Hair
  • The Swedish Fork is truly a product to make your yard life a little easier! It is an incredibly strong and ultra-lightweight shavings fork at just 900 grams. The flexible tines are very tough and amazingly effective. “Worth every penny. It’s a real game changer for mucking out. Love mine, couldn’t use anything else now

    “LOVE mine, couldn’t be without it, best purchase ever!”

    “I have this fork and wouldn’t use a different one now love it”

    “Must have had mine for a couple of years now…i absolutely love it and would highly recommend this fork

    “Best buy ever…. I’ve used it for pellets, shavings, straw, poo picking and raking leaves from the grass…. 4 years later, still going strong!!!”

    “Best fork ever”

    And from Emily Philp Eventing… “This is the best shavings fork I have ever used, and I’m very picky! The weight and balance is perfect”

    To assist with shipping the forks they require self-assembly after delivery (you will need a 5mm allen key and cross-head screwdriver)


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    Our NEW Herbie’s 24″ Bulldozer Broom is now available 🙂

    These are literally the best brooms you will ever use, with our Palmyra bristles the flick action sweeps everything even on rough concrete and makes sweeping a pleasure not a chore!

    Our NEW handles are a thicker, stronger but still lightweight aluminium – these will not rust so will be much longer lasting (& tougher if your horse gets hold of it……)

    The thread pattern is the same as the old Quickie brooms, so whilst old Quickie brackets won’t be compatible with our new broom heads, the new heads can be used with the old Quickie handles. However the Quickie screw threads are not proving to be as strong as our new handles, and we are therefore now advising that you upgrade to a new handle too, so that you also have the retaining screw which stops the handle coming loose and also gives some lateral stabillity to the handle.

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    Not just a De-tangler, but a Polisher and Protector too, all in one product! The perfect key to unlock tangles, and prevent them from returning! The perfect compliment to the Mane-ly Long Hair Conditioner, and Shampoo.

    Mane-ly Long Hair Polisher protects, de-tangles, de-frizzes, de-matts, polishes and adds shine to manes and tails. The polisher works by removing tangles, knots, mats, and burrs, while relaxing dreadlocks, keeping hair clean and tangle free

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  • This is our fast & easy treatment for thrush and other bacterial infections in the hooves of horses. Simply dust it on and it will work fast to clear the infection and prevent it returning.

    Best of all, NT-Dry thrush treatment is completely safe for the healthy areas of the hoof and will not burn or harm healthy tissues. See the results for yourself in the photos!

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Herbie's Yard Supplies
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  • We have blue, pink, purple & green 90cm RAKES in stock 

    *** if you have a colour preference please note on your order ***

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  • A versatile and well-balanced muck shovel for use around the yard, stable, garden and building site.

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  • Light and agile, the corn broom is superb for moving loose leaves, getting under and around patio furniture, and any light yard work.
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  • The pickbrush is a great NEW dual-purpose tool for the yard

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    The perfect addition to your Mane-ly Long Hair kit! Fill with shampoo for easier application, simply fill with shampoo and attach your hose.

    Choose from 2 settings –  mix shampoo with water (in the correct ratio of course!), or to just rinse with plain water.

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