Mane-ly Long Hair Hydrate 24 Kit – help mane & tail growth

Mane-ly Long Hair Hydrate 24 Kit – help mane & tail growth


Hydrate, repair, and keep hair healthier…

A lightweight hydrator for all hair types! Great for dull, damaged, stained, dry or tangled hair. Great quality optimises the health of the coat, making it softer, silkier, less porous, less brittle and less prone to staining. Healthier hair will be stronger and will break less, and you can achieve faster mane growth!

Hydrate24 is a gentle leave in spray conditioner that gently dissolves stains, urine, yellow and dirt too! Superior shine to the equine coat. MIX YOUR OWN with our bottle system AND SAVE £s! -Long-lasting shine with no residue -Use for dry grooming, for your horse and dog. -Dissolve dirt and stains through hydration. The Hydrasol bottle is an aerosol-like sprayer, and the mix bottle has instructions for the correct mix, with blender pieces inside.

*BASIC kit includes, 16oz conditioner, 1 mix bottle and 1 hydrasol spray bottle

*SUPREME kit includes, 16oz conditioner, 1 mix bottle, 2 hydrasol bottles & Hydrate 24 applicator brush – for the fastest, easiest & best results.


A leave in spray conditioner for the horses’ full body coat, mane, tail, forelock and feathers. As the name suggests, it hydrates the mane, tail, forelock and feathers and conditions and cleans the body coat while adding shine. It’s our dry grooming water-less cleanse used best with our 4 body brush system, which gets your horse clean and protected without washing.

Hydrate 24 helps to dissolve yellow stains (urine), and dirt in the mane, tail, feathers, and body hair! Helps change hair to be softer, silkier and smoother, with less future staining of the hair.

No bleaching, bluing, or silver, we use hydration to dissolve dirt and stains! Great for the full body, helping to keep it cleaner & helps to repel body dirt. Making cleaning much easier, and protects the coat longer.

Spray on prior to washing to help lift stains and dissolve dirt. Follow with the Restore Shampoo, Conditioner and Polisher/De-tangler.

Maintain several times a week or more with Hydrate 24, for continued whiteness of lighter colours and dissolving of yellow and stains. Will not damage hair, as there are no bleaching, blueing or purple pigments!

*MIX YOUR OWN leave in conditioner with our bottle system. By mixing you can save hundreds of pounds! If buying as a premix you would be spending £15.00 a bottle, so it’s great value for you! We are actually giving you back big savings! No other company does that, Mane-ly Long Hair is the only system that works in this way!

Hydrates, the mane, tail, forelock and feathers and body. It conditions and assists in cleaning the body coat, mane, tails etc, while adding shine and preventing dirt from embedding in deeper. Makes brushing and cleaning so much easier. Dirt slides off. No silicones. Add our body brushes for the best results! Made with our finest ingredients in our conditioner that include sage, chamomile, aloe and nettle extracts to name just a few!

SAVE hundreds of pounds. What’s nice about this formula, is that it allows you to refill several times. The mix bottle is important as it has the recipe and incremental proportions to make Hydrate 24 and blending pieces inside. Our Hydrasol spray bottle has been tested to spray out the formula in the right mix, and woks with the consistency of liquid, so it is highly recommended! It’s like an aerosol, but isn’t an aerosol!

Hydrate 24 is outstanding and absolutely wonderful with amazing results too! Use often on dry hair when grooming or in between grooming. Just spray on and leave in. It will recondition and improve the hair. Use daily for great results!

*Hydrasol spray bottles are a unique system to spray with. They are aerosol like but non aerosol. The bottle has 2 parts, the bottle and the sprayer / trigger. The triggers and bottles can wear down and malfunction with usage and time. They are available to purchase individually on this site (we recommend buying an extra one or two, we’re unable to warranty or guarantee the sprayers but they will last you for some time when they’re looked after!)

Manes & Tails :

SPRAY directly onto dry or wet mane, tail etc. and leave in. Use in between polisher/de-tangler applications to restore and/or apply polisher over to lock it in, or not. It helps to moisturise, de-frizz and condition the hair too, in between polisher and conditioning treatments. Light weight with super results. Keeps hair in exceptional condition. Use as a daily spray when showing to touch up manes, tails and help clean body coat free of dust helping it to stay clean and shine! Simply leave it in! A side effect of Hydrate 24 is that it dissolves dirt and staining through hydration, that’s why our white is white no stains!

Full Body Coat:

Use on dry or wet coat and spray onto Hydrate 24 applicator brush for even application. It picks up the extra dust and dirt and adds extra shine.

It is not slippery or greasy so can be applied even on the saddle area.

It does not weigh down the hair, so it still enables it to carry out it’s normal function.


Hydrate 24 can be used to clean the horse when not washing. We call it Dry Grooming. We recommend to use our 4 body brush system: 1st step: use our curry and comb the body well and follow with a Blue Flicker brush, Buffer Brush, then Hydrate 24 applied with Hydrate 24 brush, and then use our buffer brush again to buff out and add more shine.


Use after shampooing or after rinsing too! Shampoo, rinse, Conditioner, rinse, remove excess water, then spray Hydrate 24 to the full body and use Hydrate 24 brush to spread throughout, buff when dry and leave in. Protects the coat and gives it a shine, while preventing dirt from embedding in deeper, making cleaning so much easier, watch the dirt fall off!!

~Order the Hydrate 24 Brush too, for easy application!

~If you already have the conditioner then just order the Hydrate 24 mixing bottle and Hydrasol bottles. Then you have everything you need to mix this formula.

~Order the Polisher/Protector for additional protection and prevention

~Order the 4 brush system for even better results!

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