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  • This great horse treat ball encourages movement, foraging in the natural position, boredom relief and a bit of light entertainment for your horse!

  • Treatsies are the ideal choice for their beneficial properties, to be used in physio stretching or simply to pamper and spoil your horse – they deserve the best!

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  • Gorilla Tub® Micro Pack- the cutest storage tubs!

    The Gorilla Tub® Micro Pack features 12 Micro Tubs in assorted colours. (2 of each colour) As the smallest flexible tub in our Gorilla Tub Range, the Micro can be used for anything around the home, office, garden or stable.

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  • TubTrugs (or Gorilla tubs to give them their new name) are an amazing versatile product that you can use to store or carry almost anything!

    See this link for bucket covers – Tubtops rigid bucket covers

  • New choice of colours!

    Easy to clean and quick to stir with.

    Ulcer Management – effectively manages ulcers by trickle feeding all night long
    Natural Grazing – allows the horse to eat in the natural grazing position
    Behavioural Problems – reduces behavioural problems including box walking
    * One Harmony feeder includes 8 rubber sections, 1 web strap and 1 set of 13mm spanners

    Please note that Harmony is not suitable for short chop forage, molichaff type feeds or silage.

    Deliveries (also taking into account Brexit and driver shortages) are taking 2-3 weeks typically at the moment.

    Please be assured we will get your order to you as soon as possible – Harmony feeders are all shipped directly from the manufacturer in Ireland to your door. This saves on storage and transport costs, but it does mean that Herbie’s can’t offer a quick turnaround on the Harmony at present.


    See more info and Harmony in action in this video;



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  • NEW IMPROVED DESIGN of Haycube now available (on the left of the photos of black and pink haycubes) Taller for easier wheeling, much larger and quieter wheels, with a larger capacity – holds half a standard bale of hay (90 litres) FREE SHIPPING on Haycubes 🙂

    PLEASE NOTE we are currently on a turnaround time of 3-4 weeks from order to delivery.

    All orders are dispatched as soon as possible – but please be aware that we are unable to give a more accurate estimates on lead time at the point of order. Orders are sent out in order of receipt as much as possible, whilst sometimes also batched into different colours. Haycubes are shipped directly from the factory where they are manufactured to save on storage & shipping costs so a rapid turnaround is not currently possible. 

  • HayPlay! This NEW product from Herbie’s is a fantastic idea for the field or stable.

    The Hayplay will keep your equine friend entertained and trickle feeding for longer!

  • Do you love your Herbie’s products and want to treat a friend or family member?

    A Herbie’s gift voucher is the perfect solution, as they can choose exactly what they would like!

    Purchase the value of vouchers you would like, and we will email you a voucher with a unique code – suitable to print out and give as your gift (within 24 hours of purchase).

  • The perfect feed bucket covers!

    Stack your flexible tubs and keep wet things wet, and dry things dry! No more flies or mice getting in your feeds – these Tubtops are a great investment that you will wonder how you managed without! For Gorilla tubs (previously known as Tubtrugs) See this link – Gorilla tubs

  • The SKUP feed scoop – makes feed time that bit easier! The unique teeth help loosen even tightly compacted feeds.

Showing all 11 results