4oz Detangler (polisher)

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  • Mane-ly Long Hair hydrates, repairs, and keeps hair healthier… longer, stronger, softer, healthier hair, that does not break – and tangle free too!

    Prevents matts and stops seeds and burrs sticking! A light weight hair treatment & hydrator for all hair types.  Great for dull, damaged, stained, dry or tangled hair. The product quality optimises the health of the coat, making it softer, silkier, less porous, less brittle and less prone to staining. There are 3 ‘bottled’ products that can be used alone or together for the maximum results.

    Restore shampoo – dissolves out stains by maximum hydration. Achieves a true white too (it’s also for dark coloured doggies – no bleach or blue or harmful whiteners here!)

    Conditioner  – hydrates hair and deep conditions. Can be used to mix up Hydrate24 with our mixing bottle, for coat maintenance.

    Detangler – the best non-sticky, quick acting & long lasting detangler you will ever use!

    Great for sensitive skin too! Mane-ly is the perfect treatment that hydrates, repairs, restores, cleans & detangles. The formula is very gentle and effective. Great for full body, leaves a super shine! No build up no dyes and it does not weigh the hair down. Leaves the hair soft and silky with no residue. For Horses, Dogs, People too! Patch test kits are available here – read below for more info and how to use the Mane-ly system!

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