Mane-ly Long Hair – SHOCK Treatment

Mane-ly Long Hair – SHOCK Treatment


Intensive treament to repair and restore dry, damaged, brittle, and or discolored hair; mane, tail, forelock feather.  Use as maintenance and keep the hair luxurious and tangle free and stain free too. Unique blended formula gently helps to lift and remove even the deepest stains. Remarkably Restores, Conditions, and  Brightens the hairs natural colors. Great for all seasons, all hair types and colors.

Keeps the hair Stronger, Silkier, Smoother, Longer and Tangle Free .

Economical to use, considering how little it takes to get results!
A great purchase and easy way to start grooming smarter not harder.

3 options on package contents:

8oz polisher (de-tangler) & 16oz conditioner  (227ml & 454ml)

12oz polisher (de-tangler) & 16oz conditioner (340ml & 454ml)

32oz polisher (de-tangler) & 16oz conditioner  (2 x 929ml)

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A treatment for mane, tail, forelock feather; all hair types and colors. Renews and repairs dry, damaged hair. This great combo makes the hair stronger while gently lifting and removing the deepest stains.  Use as part of Maintenance to prevent future staining  and damaged tangled hair


This unique treatment is a blend of the Mane-ly Polisher and  Mane-ly Conditoner. (Directions come with it) Combine in palms of hands, distribute evenly  and leave in  No need to wash prior or after (Not used on the body!)  Great for broken, damaged, dry brittle,  and stained hair including hair with burrs, knots, tangles, matts etc….AMAZING TREATMENT.

*Mix and apply evenly and leave in, do not wash out! The hair will drink it up within a day. Reapply daily or every few days until the hair starts to feel softer, as it works to restore the elasticity too. We suggest using this treatment for 2 weeks for the following:

  • -Dry hair
  • -Stained hair, urine
  • -Damaged , Broken hair
  • For easier detangling  we suggest applying the treatment to unwashed hair leave in overnight .
  • -Tangled hair
  • -Matted hair
  • -Hair twisted with burrs, stickers, etc.
  • *THE MIX:  Equal parts Polisher and Conditoner into palms of hands, (we suggest spraying hydrate 24 in first) spread evenly and heavily into stained hair and exceptionally bad areas.  Do not rinse out or brush the hair just leave it in!
  • Reapply several times a week and more often to  speed up the process. Works through hydration and dissolving and improving the hair gently.
  • Once the hair is healthy and shock is used as weekly  maintenance  and the hair is tangle free and stronger you can then start to  brush  in-between and after the application is applied.
  • Wash with MLH Restore Shampoo prior to using Shock if hair is extremely dirty or if hair was treated with a prior grooming product recently, including oils and oil based fly sprays. Restore is a deep cleanse to remove build up and residue so the shock treatment can penetrate into the hair.

Once the treatment remedies the problem then use Restore shampoo, conditoner, and polisher. Now maintain with Hydrate 24 and polisher, and  shock  weekly or as needed. (We suggest weekly it is amazing)

-Use this treatment, weekly or monthly or as often as you want.

For lifting urine stains we suggest using this for 2 weeks to a month or more, depending on the severity of the stains.

Brushing and Washing is permitted after the 2 week treatment.

Then maintenance is  continued with our system.


*USE on Manes,Tails, Forelock and Feather only!


– #1 – Treatment Recipe: To Start begin by using 2 or more Tablespoons, equal parts of each, the CONDITIONER and POLISHER. MIX in palms of hands and apply by massaging gently into the hair, working it in well. Use enough to saturate and coat the hair. Make sure all hair is treated. Add more as you need to. LEAVE IN! Do not rinse out or brush the hair. Do we need to Wash before? Read #5 NOTE.

– #2 – Urine Stains or Brittle Hair: Use SHOCK treatment #1, 3 – 5xs a week for 2 weeks. DO NOT Brush or wash the hair before or during this treatment. Reapply and layer the Shock and work it into the Hair. After the 2 weeks wash thoroughly with the Restore Shampoo, rinse, apply Conditioner, rinse, then apply Polisher to the hair, either when it’s wet or dry. Wait until it’s dry to start brushing and detangling the hair from the bottom up technique.
After washing if the hair needs another treatment repeat the process again. After the treatments start the Hydrate 24 maintenance and polisher system. Important: Layering of Shock can make the Hair sticky, this is normal, keep layering. Hydrate 24 can be sprayed into the hair during the shock treatment too.

– #3 – Severe Knots & Tangles / Dry, Damaged Hair or Dreadlocks:
Saturate the hair as above #2 and apply extra SHOCK, massage it well into the hair. Leave in and reapply for the next 3-5 consecutive days. After a few days add some polisher to the knots and start detangling the hair carefully with your fingers, adding polisher as you go along. Once knots are removed apply some Polisher and start brushing, bottom up inch by inch technique.
– Prior to Shock: Do Not Wash or Brush the hair, it will make the knots tighter when wet and brushing Dry Hair can break it off. Shock is needed to put back the elasticity before brushing and it helps to loosen the knots before detangling. Layering of Shock can make the Hair sticky, this is normal, keep layering.

– #4 – Maintenance: Recommended usage weekly to bimonthly. For light colored hair use 2 – 3xs a week or add to your Maintenance with Hydrate 24 (see #6)

– #5 – NOTE: Wash with MLH Restore Shampoo prior to using Shock if hair is extremely dirty or if hair was treated with a prior grooming product recently, including oils and oil based fly sprays. Restore is a deep cleanse to remove build up and residue so the treatment can penetrate into the hair.

– #6 – Maintain with our Hydrate 24 system and polisher. Use SHOCK treatments weekly to bimonthly for maintenance. Use as often as you want or need.



This kit includes: 8oz De-tangler (Polisher) & 16oz Conditioner,

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