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    We have black, pink & purple SCOOPS in stock 

    We have blue & purple 90cm RAKES in stock 

    *** if you have a colour preference please note on your order ***

    The Quick Pick is a practical tool for both able and less abled horse owners, as it can be used from five different positions – enabling it to suit anyone’s style, or strength.

    It also includes an integral boot scraper, pour spout and side clips suitable for attaching a bin liner.

    Made here in the UK from impact resistant polypropylene which is 100% recyclable.

    Impact resistant Polypropylene and Aluminium – which makes the Quick Pick very light while very strong and durable.

    Overall Depth: 330mm
    Overall Width: 500mm
    Overall Height: 600mm

    Very simple 2 screw self assembly for QuickPick (included)

  • The SKUP feed scoop – makes feed time that bit easier! The unique teeth help loosen even tightly compacted feeds.

Showing all 2 results