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  • This handly hand sanitiser is a 70% alcohol WHO approved formula, effective against Coronovirus. Keep yourself safe, use while out and about to safely sanitise your hands. No water needed. Refillable atomiser bottle.

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  • This handly bale buster is just the thing for opening hay and straw bales, haylage wraps and feed bags.

    Don’t be caught without one wherever you might need one!

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  • The CarPet pet hair remover is a great little gadget and perfect for removing pet hair at home and in the car. A must for any cat, dog or horse owner! Now available in PINK or ORANGE – just add a note of your preference when you check out.

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  • EquiPing enables you to safely tie your horse, knowing that it will always release in an emergency!

  • New choice of colours!

    Easy to clean and quick to stir with.

  • The ingenious Idolo tether tie will enable you to tie your horse safely, and your horse to learn to tie well!

    With 2 ways to thread the tie, for lighter or harder pressure, these suit all horses, and also all types of leadrope – from the long lines, to traditional cotton twist lead ropes, to flat lead reins.



    The perfect package for trying Mane-ly Long Hair. Contains the 3 core products. A system for a longer, silkier, smoother mane and tail. A system to keep horses cleaner and in great condition all year long. Easy to use and it WORKS!

    These products will cleanse, hydrate, condition, de-tangle, protect, prevent knots and tangles and assist in keeping the hair de-tangled longer and in great condition! Best results when used as your maintenance program (approx. once a week) Easy grooming for the entire horse, dog and people too!

    – Softer, silkier, smoother, longer stronger hair….

    Economical to use, considering how little it takes to get results!
    A great purchase and easy way to start grooming smarter not harder.

    This kit includes: 2oz (55ml) De-tangler (Polisher), 2oz (55ml) Conditioner, 2oz (55ml) Restore shampoo

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  • The pumps for the 32 oz. size bottles only.

    Now you can order them online!

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  • A handy bag to carry your Mane-ly products (or even your shopping!)

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  • This refill fits the Professional Sponge Mop and Professional Scrub-A-Mop® Type “J”. Featuring Super Cell Sponge™ technology – a dual layered cellulose sponge for maximum absorbency. The durability of cellulose provides deeper cleaning on hard flooring surfaces. Cellulose absorbs more water off the floor with less mop passes so floors dry faster! Fits the Quickie Professional Automatic Sponge Mop and Scrub-A-Mop models,
    Fits Quickie Model No. 020 & 027
    Scrubber strip included
    2 threaded locking nuts Included
    Type J Refill
    Model No. 0272

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  • This easy-to-change 9-inch wide Cellulene® sponge is soft yet durable and very easy to rinse clean. This refill includes one scrubber pad, two nylon nuts and fits all Type “S” mops.

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Showing 1–12 of 15 results