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Mane-ly Long Hair Hydrate 24 Hydrasol spray bottle


The ULTIMATE SPRAY BOTTLE for Hydrate 24 application along with the Hydrate 24 brush. Refillable many times with a Quiet expansive mist. Must have our Mix bottle, this sprayer and conditioner to formulate Hydrate 24.

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Product Description

Hydrate 24 Hydrasol Replacement Spray Bottle is a empty spray applicator bottle. It is the ultimate spray bottle for Hydrate 24 Application. It sprays like an aerosol, with a fine and quiet mist,  with the capability of covering large spaces and hard to reach areas. It is refillable and even sprays upside down especially in hard to reach areas!

Once the Hydrate 24 is mixed in THE MIX BOTTLE, it is poured into this bottle. Do not buy this without having the mix bottle and the conditioner itself.

Once primed it sprays with ease. Priming is approx. 20-40 pumps and  then all good to spray , spray and spray. (Once primed it does not need to be primed again before usage.)

To Mix Hydrate 24 you need the CONDITIONER, THE Mix Bottle and this Hydrasol sprayer bottle for ease of application. 

*Hydrasol spray bottles are a unique system to spray with. They are aerosol like but non aerosol.  The bottle has 2 parts, the bottle  and the sprayer / trigger.  The triggers and bottles can wear down and malfunction with usage and time. We recommend buying an extra one or two, there is no warranty or guarantee on the sprayers!

Additional Information


Basic – 1 Hydrasol spray, Supreme – 2 Hydrasol sprays plus brush


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