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Idolo Tether Tie


The ingenious Idolo tether tie will enable you to tie your horse safely, and your horse to learn to tie well!

With 2 ways to thread the tie, for lighter or harder pressure, these suit all horses, and also all types of leadrope – from the long lines, to traditional cotton twist lead ropes, to flat lead reins.

See for yourself how they work on our video:



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Product Description

This is a brilliant new innovation in safely tying horses. It safely & effectively teaches them to tie, using pressure release principles.

Available in a choice of colours – they work not only with long ‘natural horsemanship’ ropes, but normal cotton twist lead ropes and even flat lead reins.

Pink tether tie

red tether tie blue tether tie easy clip & carribiner






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Black, Red, Blue, Pink, Purple, Green, Yellow, White


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