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Urad Oily

Urad Oily is suitable for all types of leather but is ideal for tack that has been oiled over a long period of time.

Also suitable for use on nubuck, (e.g. Kickers and Caterpillar Shoes) where a matt finish is required. Simply apply sparingly to dry leather for a perfect result.

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Mane-ly Long Hair small grooming kit (without body brushes)

The basic package for starting with Mane-ly Long Hair. Contains all the core product line. A system for a longer, silkier, smoother mane and tail. A system to keep horses cleaner and in great condition all year long. Easy to use and it WORKS!

Use as maintenance all year round!

These products will de-tangle, prevent knots and tangles and assist in keeping the hair de-tangled longer and in great condition! Best results when used as your maintenance program (approx. once a week) Easy grooming for the entire horse, dog and people too!

– Softer, silkier, smoother, longer stronger hair….

Economical to use, considering how little it takes to get results!
A great purchase and easy way to start grooming smarter not harder.

Package includes: 12 oz polisher, 16oz conditioner, 16oz shampoo, hydrate 24 kit (mixing bottle & hydrasol bottle), de-tangler brush and maintenance brush

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Get a clean sweep with the only UK suppliers of Quickie Cornbrooms & Quickie Super Bulldozer Yard Brooms - plus brushes & other yard supplies, Our stable supplies will save you time and effort mucking out! From single horse owners to Livery yards, Studs and Racing Stables, our quality products will make looking after your horses that little bit easier!

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"I'm actually looking forward to sweeping the yard!"

The world renowned stable brooms from Quickie are our best-seller, but we're always adding more top quality yard supplies - do come back soon!

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